Plug and Engage

Cover Art by Beth Saintcrow


Cole and Kai only met weekly. They satisfied those annoying primal urges which left the rest of their free time to be used as they saw fit. More than happy with such a solution they never even thought a bit of rough and spice could change everything - until it did.

Genre/Tags: Contemporary/ Friends to lovers/ BDSM/ Dirty talk/ Bondage/ Sex games/ Blue collar
Content warning: Sex with furniture is possible
Approx. Word Count: 9,200

The story can also be found on Goodreads in the M/M Romance group


My schedule is set. Not in stone really, but I do things in a certain way and my time is fully utilized to make it all happen. I have no idea why I turned out this way, but I did and it's not likely I will be changing at twenty seven.
Monday to Friday I work. All hours you can think of, because I tend to help out every time someone asks me, and they always ask me. It might be work related, covering for someone, or it could be about ten other things I'm involved in. Sometimes for fun, other times for the simple fact that I don't really know how to say no when a friend asks.
On the weekends, I'm out of town unless it's raining and sometimes even if it is. I might be climbing, camping, sky diving or mountain biking. You name it, and I probably do it. It's my time. Away from people, smog, noise. Me, my adrenaline and nature. I really don't need much more.
Now Friday night is release night. It sounds crass, but for me it's nothing more than that. Friday nights I get fucked, and while  how good it is  does depend on my fuck buddy, I have been lucky so far - the man rarely cancels and fucks like a god.
I met Cole in a bar. Not a gay bar, as neither of us is really out. Truthfully, it's not our scene. Even with him as shy as he is, it was simple. I was checking out his ass, he was checking out mine. Subtle but then again, not really, as both of us were looking and you can't miss that one specific, lustful gaze.
Next thing I know, we're both in the bathroom, checking out each other's junk as we each took a piss and that was that. Not half an hour later, I was getting fucked up against the door in my apartment and loving every minute of it.
We've been screwing every Friday for at least three years if not more - time tends to get away from me. So you would think I would know more about the guy other than that he's a closeted gay mechanic with a killer body and mean skills in bed. But nope, I don't know a thing about him, and truthfully, I don't need to or want to know more. He can fuck slow and fast and he's always gentle. Sexually, I can count on him. As for anything else, I love my freedom too much to commit and I still haven't found a guy who could handle me.
Fresh from the shower, I heard the doorbell.  Wearing nothing but a towel around my hips, I opened the door wide. Cole was dressed casual, his usual T-shirt and jeans. His hair was almost nonexistent, as he always shaved it all off, but he had that nice somewhat neglected look, with a three day shadow on his cheeks. That, combined with his muscular body and his manly motor oil based scent, had me popping a boner, something he couldn't possibly miss.
"Hey, Kai." he said roughly, moving toward me.
"Hi Cole." I replied, barely managing to get even that out before his lips found mine. His fingers were rough from hard work, but gentle, as if he was constantly afraid of breaking me. Slipping them under the towel he gripped my cheeks and pressed my hips against his.
The moan was inevitable, as I felt the hardness of his flesh and the taste of him on my tongue. I jumped on him, dislodging the towel, and wrapped my legs around his waist, pressing even closer. I was not a delicate flower, weighing almost as much as Cole, but those strong arms held me as if I were no more than a skinny twink, and he took me toward the bedroom.
His tongue bathed my neck as he softly suckled and kissed. His hands played with my cock, squeezing just the way I liked it, rubbing over the head every once in a while. My hands traced the expanse of his wide back as I took care of his shirt. In less time than I would have liked, he was kissing down my body, following the line of my reddish hair and swallowing my erection.
It seemed that Cole needed fast this time around, and with my cock bathed in the sweetest warmth imaginable, I had no room to complain. He took my cock deep down his throat, massaging the tip and sending me to heaven with his every moan.
Releasing me with a pop, he grabbed the condom and lube from the counter where I'd left it, and without hesitating, he pushed two fingers deep inside my hole. My back curved like a bow as sensation of being filled overwhelmed me and that bit of sting rushed my pulse. He scissored them quickly, stretching me just a bit more, before he dressed his cock, passed over it with his lubed up hand and pushed inside.       
It didn't hurt, but it wasn't instant bliss either. I liked to play more and Cole usually gave me that. But coming was coming, and without that I would be worth shit on the rock tomorrow.
Cole moved purposefully and slowly, measuring every thrust, giving me only as much as he wanted me to have. Shy or not, I knew he liked control. In bed he knew exactly what he wanted, and I was often placed like a toy for his enjoyment. But I too liked it that way, where there were no position questions, or confusions. Cole led the game and I always willingly followed.
"Harder, faster…Please…" I begged, something that usually spurred him on, but through the tiny crack made by my lowered eyelids, I could see he didn't appreciate it this time. Something was wrong with him, and I wasn't helping.
He didn't pick up the pace and his fingers still held me as still as before, but my cock was leaking as if wounded and I could do nothing except whimper. You see, Cole knew how to use his dick, and no matter how slow or fast he went, if he wanted to touch my prostate he fucking did. He rubbed against it, pushed and glided, tormenting me to the point where I wanted to cry. Coming wasn't an option because he was so attuned to my body he knew just when he needed to stop.
He took his time, stretching me with his cock, even moving his hips in that circular motion which made me feel so wide, and at one point I just couldn't take it anymore. "Please, Cole, please… I need to come." I begged, my voice barely a whisper.
But Cole had other plans. His expression clouded again, and I knew his actions were a punishment. Only, as he pinched my nipple harder than it had ever been pinched, I didn't feel punished at all. My muscles spasmed, my breath left me. I grabbed the covers with my fists. I could swear my fingers went white as vision abandoned me and the strongest orgasm of my life left my swollen balls. I came and I came, spurting in waves even as he was motionless inside me, even as there were no fingers on my cock, no friction or stimulation.
I came down with a gasp, my lungs sucking in air, my back dropping down on the bed and I whined like a wounded pup.
Vaguely I felt Cole still in me, hard as an unmoving rock, and I glanced at his face, noticing a look I'd never seen there before. His head was tilted to the side as he watched me, calculating, thoughtful. Something had changed between us in that moment and it was something big.
Surprisingly enough, he pulled out of me, taking off the condom and stood next to the bed. That beautiful cock looked angry and wanting, level with my face. Without thinking about it, I moved forward, licking the foreskin around the small, peeking, pink ball of his cockhead.
Cole's hands found their way to the back of my head and he did something he'd never done before - he pushed me forward, impaling my mouth on that thick rod all the way to the back of my throat. Instead of pushing away or making a fuss, I fucking moaned around him. Feeling that hard flesh, soft skin in my mouth, spreading me, taking, and knowing that I couldn't just move away had me whimpering with an emotion I couldn't even begin to identify. He pulled me away, letting me catch my breath, and then pushed back, forcing me to take more.  I dared to sneak a peek, to look at his face. I'd expected his gaze to be on me, my face, watching the glide of his cock as I drooled around it, but he was turned to the side looking at my body, and after a moment of confusion I realized I was hard again.
It made me moan loudly and Cole noticed. Those soft brown eyes were almost black as he focused on my face, and his fingers gripped my head harder and his cock pushed faster. I swear I was in a trance, utterly confused but loving it. As he sped up, bruising my lips, I knew I could come again with just his hand around my dick.
Cole came with a shout, spending himself deep inside my mouth, not allowing me to breathe or move away. I swallowed hurriedly, feeling the escaping spunk dripping down my chin.  Cole leaned subtly to the side, circled my cockhead with his thumb and forefinger, then pulled hard. It hurt, sharp and strong, making me scream with his soft cock in my mouth. But I also came for the second time, only a fraction less intense than the first. Then I passed out.


He was freaking beautiful, lying there covered in spunk and drool, his cock lying spent and soft on his thigh. His lips were swollen and red, his eyes were closed and he looked like I'd never seen him before. Kai suddenly seemed vulnerable, small, needy. It made me hard again. It wasn't just the sight of him, but the possessiveness I felt at seeing my seed on his skin. It was a completely new experience, something I never even thought of. Hell, who would think a bit of pain made such a difference. If I had known that years ago, those nipples would have been permanently swollen from my abuse, because the orgasm I'd just had was an experience I would most definitely repeat.
I chuckled softly, remembering how just a minute ago I checked his pulse, scared out of my mind that I'd suffocated him with my cock. That would have been a story to tell. But the idea was ridiculous, because as much as I was influenced by my instinct and my cock, I was always in control of myself.
Regretfully, it was time to go. I had a car to finish that night, something completely unplanned since I usually liked to take my time on Fridays, enjoying the forbidden and sweetening my weekend. That had me on edge the whole night. I didn't want to hurry, or fly fuck him in passing. I enjoyed my time with Kai and work got in the way of that.
As much as I enjoyed the sight of him, I needed to clean him up. With that in mind, I went to the bathroom, wiped myself off, then took a basin of water and a cloth back into the room.
Handling his limbs with care, I cleaned the residue of sex from his skin, from his peaceful, exhausted looking face to his soft, cut cock. I took care with his pubes, fascinatingly red and took a moment to look at his used hole as I spread and cleaned between his cheeks.
Even after all the years we'd been fucking, there was so much more to learn about pleasing him, not to mention pleasing me. It gave me ideas, about his body, his orifices, I saw marks on his skin, matching the red of his hair and I stood up, startled.
I had no right to think that way, to imagine Kai as someone other than my Friday fuck. One night doing something different meant nothing in the long term, and I was already late to my shop.


It was the day after the fucking of my life, sex that just wouldn't leave my head, and I was covered in grime and oil, sweaty, working on another car. It was ridiculous to call it working, considering how many stupid mistakes I kept making. My cock was freaking hard, almost as hard as the tools I worked with and it kept distracting me.
Hearing my cell phone ring was almost a relief and I wiped my hands, hoping to hear from someone chipper and undemanding, completely work unrelated.
Kai's name flashed on the screen and with a heavy dose of fear, I wondered why he was calling. We never called each other unless it was to make or cancel our appointment. "Hello."
"Hi Cole, it's Kai." He sounded winded and somewhat shy. Not a trait I ever related to Kai.
"What can I do for you, Kai?"
"Shit, I'm sorry man. You know I wouldn't be calling if I wasn't in a bind. I sprained my leg climbing this morning and I can't drive my bike. My fucking car died on me a while back and I'm out of transportation. Could you maybe look at it? I wouldn't be asking, but it's Saturday and the guy I usually call is bitching about working on the weekend. I just know he's gonna screw me over."
That was probably the longest actual conversation we'd ever had. Well, the most he'd ever said in one go. I probably hadn't said that many words in all the years we'd been fucking.
"Yeah. I can help you out. You want me to come over?" I asked, horrifically sick of the car I'd been working on the whole day.
"If it's not a problem."
"No. I'll be there. Give me an hour or something. I have to take a shower."
"Thank you so much, Cole! I owe you big time." He said cheerfully, and my cock sprung to attention, sneaky bastard.
"Don't worry, I'll think of a way you can make up for it." My voice was suddenly rough and I knew Kai noticed it, because he was unusually quiet.
"Be there in an hour." I said again and hung up the phone.
I'm not sure what I had in mind when I went over there. I know I wasn't thinking about screwing, wasn't even thinking about the night before. But I know his car wasn't the main focus of my mind.  I was as clean as I was gonna get after working with cars all day.  I got to his place, I knocked on his door, and when he opened it, the sight of him took my breath away. Yes, I know it's cheesy and cliché, but the thing is, I'd never seen Kai in daylight. He was a Friday night fuck, and he usually greeted me showered, naked and more than once flushed.
The man before me looked different. His shirt was some wild orange, skin tight and flashing all those impossible muscles at me. He had shorts on, dark blue that showed his pale skin and almost hairless legs. For once he was clean shaven, his red hair almost glowing in the light and I was truly speechless, not to mention horny, as I noticed the lingering puffiness of his lips. The last thing I needed was that blow job flashing before my eyes. Of course, that's exactly what happened.
"Come in, come in." He opened the door and limped away, leaving me to close it.
That ass was a sight to behold, flexing as he moved, muscles outlined perfectly under that sorry excuse for an outfit. There was no question in my mind what I wanted in that moment, and trust me, fixing a car wasn't even on the list anymore.
"Just let me find some flip-flops and I'll take you to the garage. My friends and I pushed it this far because I didn't want to bother with fixing it. Usually I drive my bike, or bicycle or even my skateboard, and the fucking car wasn't a priority. It figures this would happen." he ranted as I followed him to his bedroom.
The bed was giving me serious ideas, but Kai apparently wasn't affected, since he kept on chatting. "I wasn't thinking straight this morning, and you can't not pay attention when climbing. It could cost you your life. Luckily I wasn't working. God knows what would have happened then."
This sentence caught my attention. "What were you thinking about?" I was interested in his answer, but still, it didn't seem as something worth blushing and stuttering over, and he was doing both.
He couldn't seem to find the words or stop blushing. In the end he just sighed, closed his eyes and sat on the edge of the bed. "I kept thinking about last night. That was the hottest fucking sex I'd had in my life."
I didn't expect that but was I glad? Fuck yes! "What did it for you?" I asked, faking nonchalance, though nonchalant was the last thing I felt. This was new territory for me, one I couldn't wait to explore.
"God, what didn't…" He moaned. "When you pinched my nipple I think saw heaven. Everything went white. Never came that hard in my life. And the blow job?" He blushed, the red so visible on his pale face. "It was so good I didn't even realize I was hard until I saw you looking at me. Your cock was the center of my universe."
Shit, he was a talker. I had to grip the base of my erection, something he noticed instantly. But I wasn't going to be embarrassed about it. It wouldn't have been normal if I hadn't gotten hard. I wasn't a talker. Short sentences, minimum conversation - it worked for me. But I had no trouble listening to Kai, or even pushing him to talk more. "Would you like to do it again?"
He started talking but instantly stopped, looking at me with his eyes wide and lips parted.
I knew I looked dangerous and wanting, my every cell screamed for a repeat. The sooner he knew it, the better.
"I think I would." he whispered.
"It will change what we have. You realize that, don't you?" I said gravely, giving him one exit route.
"What do you mean?"
"I want to fuck you. Do things to you. Hell, I want to make you scream. But it's not Friday." And that was important. It wasn't our fuck day, and after three years, screwing more frequently would affect other stuff.
He swallowed hard, turning away from me. "You're right." He thought some more. "But if you can make me come that hard again, I'm willing to give it a try."
"Works for me." I said, just before I jumped him.


I was sitting on the edge of the bed one minute, flat on my back the next. My weekend had gotten fucked up, but the idea of spending it fucking didn't seem like a bad alternative, especially once I felt his teeth at my earlobe, biting hard.
My hips pushed up on their own, but the bastard moved away, now sucking on my ear, then blowing hot breath at it, all the while never letting up on my hands, which he held firmly against the bed.
"I want to tie you up." Cole said, not making it a question. It wasn't something I ever thought about, as there was never any chance that I would give a one night stand a chance to make me vulnerable and unable to defend myself.
What came out of my mouth as I stared into those dark eyes was "Yes." A yes which sent tingles down my spine and shocked me to my core.
"Rope?" Cole asked, nipping at the skin just above my nipple. It was distracting enough that I had to repeat his question three times in my head before I understood the meaning.
"Bag next to the closet. There are some nylon slings I use for climbing. And grab a few carabiners to attach it with, please?" I was almost trembling with excitement as I used the opportunity to get rid of my clothes.
He rummaged through my bag, picking out things while I took out the lube and condom, expectant and almost giddy with excitement.
"Move back and grip the headboard. Don't let it go or I'll tie your hands too." That had me puzzled as I had expected him to tie my hands, but I complied without speaking.  As soon as I was in position, my legs were pushed back and I was completely exposed.
Cole wrapped the slings around my thighs, just above my knees and pulled them back, attaching them to the headboard with carabiners. It was a strange position. I could have loosened the ties just by pulling myself up with my hands, but my ass would still be exposed.
"I could stare at your ass for hours." Cole's fingers touched my puckered entrance, circling gently, sliding upward, just below my balls and rubbing. He lubed up his fingers and continued his game, pulling hitched breaths from me, making me moan.
It wasn't aggressive or painful, but the idea of being so open, contained and at his mercy had me curious, excited even.
"Don't speak. For once, I will talk." Cole ordered, not even sparing me a glance. "I wanna see how many fingers you can take, how stretched you can get around me. I wanna know if you can come just from my body in yours and how long it will take."
I pushed my back from the bed, moving my ass lower toward his hands. It wasn't more than a fraction of an inch but I had to move, I had to feel him in me. Suddenly, I wanted to know how many fingers I could take, too.
The lube was warmed up by the time it reached my hole, and because of the sex the night before, two fingers slipped in without any trouble.  He pulled me down more, lifting my ass up in the air and bit my ass cheek. I felt his teeth as they clamped down so close to my hole and I felt the fingers push deeper inside. Coming without a touch seemed very probable in that moment and wasn't very far off.
Cole licked around his fingers, nipping lightly at the sensitive skin and I thrashed on the bed, barely able to hold on. It was overwhelming, being at his mercy, taking what he gave.
"Look." he said, as he spread those two fingers in my ass, high up there so that I could see, and poured the lube between them. I felt the coldness of it as it slid inside me, and I shuddered, my cock bouncing against my stomach as it hung upside down.
"Four." One word, but I felt it. Oh boy did I feel it. The sting was almost too much, almost but not quite. The stretch, on the other hand, overwhelmed me. I was trembling, my fists squeezing tight around the metal of the headboard. "Please…" I whispered, not even knowing what I was begging for.
But what I got was a slap on my ass, a stinging slap that almost made me come, but made me remember his order to stay quiet. How he expected me to do that with half of his hand up my ass I had no idea, but I tried my best.
"One day I'm gonna push my whole fist inside. Feel the walls of your insides and then I'm gonna fuck you with my hand still lodged inside."  They were just words, nothing else, just words, but the visualization of something I didn't even know I wanted, combined with the press of those fingers against my prostate, had me spilling my seed all over my chest.
"Beautiful." I heard him whisper as I shrieked, pumping through my orgasm with nothing but air touching me, tasting my own cum as drops of it fell on my lips.
Cole was still dressed, looking intense as he watched me.  He reached toward my stomach, scooping up spunk and with measured, precise moves rubbed it in my pubes. He avoided my still half-hard cock, circling around it while wetting my already sweat covered hair.
"I'm gonna shave you next time." He said, shocking me yet again. But every word only made my cock stand taller and my mind was too slow to protest.
I'd expected him to fuck me despite my orgasm, but Cole just untied me, crawling up the bed and pulling me against him, spunk covered and all.
"What are you doing?" I stiffened, my post-climatic bliss dispersed by his out of character behavior.
"I'm holding you." Cole explained calmly, making me feel like an idiot. A panicky idiot.
"Why?" I almost squeaked.
"Because I want to."
"That's not an answer." I tried to move away, but his hands held tight.
"Sure it is."
"Fuck buddies don't hug." I tried again.
"That could be true. But we're not just fuck buddies anymore."
"What do you mean?" Even I could hear the panic in my voice.
"I'm not talking about feelings and shit. If we're doing this, I'm gonna have demands. And those demands don't include you fucking around or the two of us fucking just once a week."
"What do you mean?" I squeaked again, now feeling utterly embarrassed for my reaction and the inability to control it.
Cole sighed. "I could go now and you could find someone else to fuck once a week. Or, I could stay and we can explore this new thing between us. In the end it's your choice, but I'm telling you these are the only two options I'm comfortable with."
Struggling against the urge to ask - what do you mean - once again, I said, "Why can't we go back to being fuck buddies?"
"Because I could never fuck you the same way I've been fucking you all these years. I need more. Thirty-three is damn too late to discover sex all over again, but I'm not missing my chance. It will be with you or with someone else. Like I said - your choice. But I'd like it to be with you."



I waited for his body to relax before loosening my grip on him. I needed an answer, and although I suddenly realized I didn't want anyone but him exploring with me, I pulled the blinds on those thoughts, far from ready to face them.
Eventually he did relax and his thought process was so intense I could practically hear it. It wasn't too difficult to understand his reserve. After all, didn't I think the same barely a day ago? But I wasn't attached and I could walk away from him. From myself? That was a whole different thing altogether.
"You think it could work out? I mean, I don't want you… either of us, clingy and possessive. It would still just be sex, right?" Kai asked, with a touch of insecurity.  I let out a breath I wasn't even aware I was holding.
"Yes. Just sex, but more often. I have no idea what you do with your days, but I could probably swing by a few times a week."
"That could work, but I only have Friday free on a regular basis.  For everything else, I'd have to know in advance."
"I can work with that." I readily agreed. After all, it couldn't possibly be that easy to find a guy as good looking, as well as responsive, as Kai.

Too soon or not, our next fuck fest happened on Sunday. I was off work and his ankle was giving him enough trouble to skip going out on the rest of the trip he'd had planned for the weekend. While I still knew close to nothing about him, it wasn't hard to realize he was sort of a wild card. Always busy, enjoying the adrenaline rush, spending all his free time somewhere in nature, risking his life if at all possible.
As for me, I'd had fucking fantasies about the man, none of which were vanilla. The term apparently applied to every other sexual experience I'd had prior to magical last Friday. I would have called any other sex plain, but even vanilla is way too good to ever be called plain. Hm, ice-cream... I wonder how he would squirm if I tucked a spoonful up his ass…
Shit! Cole, concentrate! It had been like that ever since I'd almost chocked him with my cock. Every freaking thought played into a fantasy and the center of each one turned out to be Kai. I'd never been so aware of my own sexuality. Although it was frustrating at times, it was also close to feeling high, only completely natural. I loved it.
Still, I had too much on my mind to analyze it. With my knuckles rapping on his door, I was mentally ready for the challenge and the scene in my mind was perfectly set.
"Hi, Cole. Come in?" He sounded a bit insecure and I liked it. Even entering his home became my decision, and the transition came to both of us almost as easy as taking in each breath.
I closed the distance between us, kicking the door closed behind me with my foot, and took hold of his face between my palms. My cheek was suddenly pressed snugly against his and I huskily whispered. "I have plans for you today. I want you to please me. Can you do it? Can you try for me?"
He shuddered as if cold and nodded ever so slightly.
"Good. Come." I took hold of his hand and led him to the bed.
Pushing against his chest, I soon had him on display for me. The towel that had been wrapped around his hips lay crumpled to the side, his legs slightly spread and his cock filled and straining toward me.
"Do as I tell you, and trust me. Don't question it, just obey and let go."
Kai nodded again, seemingly scared out of his mind, but still licking his lips as he squirmed on the bed for me.
"Pull your knees up and spread your legs. I want to play."
Kai did as told, showing me his lubed up hole and almost shaking with excitement. I had never told him to touch himself or to prepare, and for some reason it nagged on me. I would be forced to do something about it. Because I already knew I had issues with anyone touching what was mine, even if the one doing the touching was Kai.
I almost recoiled from the shock that one word caused. It was like a punch to the gut and although I recovered, leaving those thoughts for later, I was visibly shaken. There was just one thing available to remedy that, and it sure as hell wasn't talking. Or thinking. I stuck my tongue into that glistening hole without hesitation and everything worrying me went away, leaving only moans and senseless babble from my lover.
Leaning away, I watched as his muscles constricted mesmerizing me, and the possibilities attacking my mind at the sight were relentless. I poured more lube over my fingers and pushed three inside. Kai gave a little scream but stayed in position, adjusting immediately and softly squeezing my fingers. I loved the feeling, how his whole body responded to me. It didn't take long for me to try pushing in another finger. He was so very tight, moaning for me, moving his hips in reaction.  It made me want to fuck him right then and there. Over and over again, every day, all day, until my cock ached and my body became dehydrated. I was completely freaking insane. But this once, even with him so ready and spread out for me, I had different things in mind.
Pulling free of his hole, I took hold of his hand and pulled him in a kneeling position facing me. "Now you're gonna please me. I want you to perform for me, make me horny enough to fuck you unconscious." I watched his eyes widen and a flush color his cheeks. He more than loved the idea, as his pointing cock showed.
"Good. I want you to kneel in this corner here facing me." I pointed at the corner of the mattress where the one finial post, a part of the footboard, stuck out. The bed was beautifully designed. Antique and made of metal, it had a tall headboard with two posts whose tips spread into a ball. But the footboard was below the mattress level and only those two posts with ball tips rose above it.
They were just begging to be used, and with the size of those balls being smaller than my fist it worked out perfectly.
"Now close your eyes." I told Kai while I stood up and walked to the bathroom.
I picked up a wet cloth and cleaned the post with it, only to coat it abundantly with lube when I was done. Then I joined Kai, who was trembling, on the bed.
Pressing my lips against his, I distracted him, stealing touches to his tongue, allowing him only my lips when he reached for me. Once I had him panting, I moved completely away and spoke. "I want you to move all the way back until you feel the post at the small of your back. Cross your feet behind the post and lift yourself up on your knees. Understand?"
Kai just nodded, his eyes still closed and his whole face screaming concentration. As he moved backwards I got on my own knees and scuffled between his, as close as I could get. I sat back on my heels.
"Are you stable?"
"Yes.", he answered.
"Good. Now put your hands on my shoulders and find support there. I want you to lean on me as much as you can, because you need to be steady for this."
I felt his sweaty palms on my shoulders as he gripped me. He probably had an idea what I wanted from him, but the idea was so fucked up that his mind couldn't accept it. I was determined to surprise him.
"Perfect, Kai. Do you know what I want you to do next?"
"I hope not." His voice trembled, which made me smirk.
"I told you to trust me. Just relax, don't think about anything but me.  The feel of my skin under your fingers, how my cock feels in your ass. Are you feeling empty? My fingers spread you so beautifully that I feel cheated now for not being able to see your hole. Do you want me to fill you up again? Stretch you?"
He was breathing hard and he had my cock weeping for those parted lips, warm mouth. I wanted him more than I'd ever thought was possible to want a man.
"Listen to me, Kai. I want you to slowly move backwards, as if you're going to sit down, and when you touch the ball, position it right."
He was trembling again, but there was no hesitation, he was relaxed and listening. I just loved it.
"Beautiful. Do you feel it at your hole, is it cold?"
"Yes." He answered as he squirmed on it, slowly circling with his hips.
"You're gorgeous. I can't wait for my cock to get in you.", I told him as I lifted my hands to his hips and caressed them slowly. My touch was gentle but firm, and although I didn't press him down, I encouraged him to sit on that ball, to accept it.
Kai moaned and his knees started to wobble a bit. "I don't want you to come until I tell you. Alright, Kai?"
He mumbled something, but I was positive he had no idea what he was saying. So I leaned forward and took the tip of his cock in my mouth. Kai's reaction was explosive. His moans got louder and his hips danced faster, and although I couldn't see it, I felt the way his ass sank down on that ball, inch by inch, slowly but oh-so-surely.
"So big…" He mumbled, trying to push more of his cock in my mouth but getting stopped by the size entering his ass.
I kept caressing his hips, lifting my thumbs all the way to the crease where his hips met his groin. But when the curiosity got the better of me, I slid my palms from his hips, over his ass, to his stretched out hole.
I felt around the edges, feeling the smooth skin hugging the metal. It was so wide and hot I wanted to come right then and there. Almost all of it was in and the next part, the narrow piece connecting it to the ball was barely wide as my two fingers.
His breathing increased as he took it all. He squirmed, moaned and whimpered and I knew it kept rubbing against his prostate, I felt it in the size of his cock in my mouth in the pulsing and twitching.
"Is it good?" I asked, with a smile on my lips.
"Yesss!" Kai hissed just before he moaned again.
"Bend over me some more. Put your forearms on my shoulders and come for me when you need to." I told him, not planning on torturing him anymore. My lips wrapped around that beautiful cock, only this time I didn't play. I opened up my throat and took him all in. I felt the soft hairs tickling my nose, his alluring scent, and I swallowed without mercy.
His buttons were as good as mine. I knew every single one, where to push and when to tease, I knew exactly what he needed to come in my mouth, and come he did.
The scream rang in my ears and I felt his muscles squeezing around the ball with his every spurt. He grunted with his struggling breath, leaning his whole weight on me, and I felt like the most accomplished guy in the world. I thrived on the sensation.


If you'd asked me three days ago if I'd ever considered having sex with my bed I would have given you the number of my sister's psychiatrist. Now, with the fucking finial post of my bed slipping out of my sore ass, I was thinking I should have taken that number for myself.
The most disturbing thing however, wasn't the act itself, but rather the fact that it was by far the best sex not involving a cock that I'd ever had.
I grunted as the ball slipped all the way out, then I collapsed against Cole. He was so comfortable and warm, but it was the whispers and kisses that completely did me in. His hands kneaded my ass, caressed my back and pressed against my shoulder blades. His lips trailed soft kisses over my neck and his sneaky tongue licked strayed drops of sweat from the side of my face.
It took me a while to understand his words, but when I did, a blush stole over my whole face.
"You're so beautiful. Perfect." he said. "I can't imagine doing that with anyone else. I love the way you whimper for me. I love the way you scream. I can feed off your moans. I dream about your kisses."
His words were endless and so soft, both intimate and kinky. I had no idea how to respond, but when, "I'm gonna make you come for me every day.", left his lips, my moan broke the trance. He noticed that I was, in fact, listening.
"That was something…" I said lamely, trying to make his words seem nothing more than senseless babble.
"You really were beautiful, you know.", Cole said seriously and I had to lift my head and look at him then.
"It's only the truth. I know you're not ready to handle it, but I have to tell you - I'm already half gone when it comes to you. It's past sex." Cole continued. Suddenly, it was all too much for me.
I got off him and lay on the side, my forearm covering my eyes. Truthfully, I didn't know what I felt. I'd never arranged my life around a relationship before.  I'd never wanted to, and being ready for something like that fell into a whole different category. What defined ready anyway? Good sex? A connection? Maybe it was the feeling of surrender I got every time Cole was around. My knees started getting weak and all I wanted to do was drop on the floor in front of him and bow my head, to wait for instructions.
That couldn't be love. But wait, he didn't mention love either. Cole just said it was past sex. That was pretty true, I had to admit. Just sex had never felt that good.
So I got brave enough to face him again, and when I moved my arm from my eyes I saw him watching me.
"Maybe you're right." I told him simply, while I actually begged silently for some entity out there to let him leave it at that.
"Relationship?" Cole asked, making me groan, and not in a good way.
"Do we have to define it?" I asked, sounding almost incredulous.
"Why not?" he asked easily, as if it was just a walk in the park and not accepting another living being into my life.
But I thought about it before answering, knowing the problem wasn't him. Relationship was a logical step forward. "Because you make it sound so real." I said, feeling almost resigned.
"It is real. You're just scared."
"Well, yes. Aren't you? I'm not out. I never had to be before. How will my family react?" Just the thought and I started to panic.
"Shhh… It will work out. I'm not out either, but dating doesn't mean you have to run down the street and scream - I'm gay. It's between just us for as long as you want it to be." Cole sounded so reasonable, so sure of himself.  I'd have been lying if I'd said that his fingers on my cheek and his warm eyes watching me with affection didn't make me feel at least a bit more optimistic and calm.
"You really want this?"
"Yes. I want to know you belong only to me. I want to know that I have a right to want to spend time with you. But most of all, I want a chance at something permanent." I was just about to comment on the last part when he interrupted me. "Yes, Kai, permanent. I never wanted it before, nor was I ready for it, but now I do want it and if I'm willing to take a risk you should too. For Christ sake, you risk your life on cliffs, mountains and hanging off buildings. Don't tell me you're okay with that but something as normal as a relationship scares the shit out of you?" Cole snapped.
"It's fucking terrifying." I mumbled before I could stop myself.
"I can't believe your screws are so messed up. Did someone drop you on your head as a child?"
"Hey! That's not fair!" I sat up wincing a bit when my ass protested and looked at him.
"No, Kai, you're not fair."
I sighed with my head bowed. "You're right. I'm just scared." I peeked at him through my eyelashes. "I don't want to be scared."
It was all the invitation he needed. Cole pulled me toward him, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my forehead. It was childish in a way, but it was also exactly what I needed. "We'll work it out. It's only been a few days. There really is no need to think about it so much. Just go with it."
I nodded silently and moved my leg over his. But that pulled at my sensitive inner muscles and as curious as I was, I couldn't resist reaching back between my cheeks and feeling myself.
My hole was still stretched a bit and felt wet. It was strange but also erotic and before I knew it, my cock started to stir again. Something Cole couldn't possibly have missed.
"You're ready to go again?"
"Yes. No. I don't know." I answered. "You didn't come at all."
"It doesn't matter. I enjoyed it more than you know. Do you want some help?"
"I'm just checking."
"Don't worry, it was all nice and stretched out. So perfect." He whispered in his deep voice again. I shivered, almost as if he'd pressed a button.
My finger slipped in and I had to moan. It was so easy, almost no resistance at all. But my boyfriend - such a strange word - apparently had developed psychic ability with his newfound dominant side and turned me on my back, pushing my left leg sky high. He watched as I pushed my finger into my ass.
"You're gorgeous even here." He traced around my finger with his.
"You're so full of it." I gasped, as I added another digit.
"Oh, so you only want me for the rough and kinky stuff?" Cole joked.
"You bet. Now order me around."
Cole slapped my exposed ass cheek, but his voice was gruff when he spoke, "Push in as many as you can. I want to see how much it will take for a fist to fit in there."
My hole quivered at that and my cock all but yelled - I'm ready! - Cole was insane, but I didn't even consider disobeying. So who was the lunatic really?
Fisting myself was in the same "never gonna happen" group as sex with my bed, but holy hell if I didn't push four fingers inside without losing a beat.
Cole poured more lube over my fingers and I swear the look on his face could have only been described as entranced. But after that fourth finger I felt the soreness, even though I was turned on beyond belief.
"Don't move anymore. Just hold them in, let them rest and enjoy the fullness. It's good, isn't it?" Cole whispered as he kissed my thigh.
"So full…" The words escaped me.  I decided then and there that I wouldn't think. Cole was there to think for me when it came to sex, and Cole I trusted.


It's amazing what human body can do. But more amazing was what people themselves can do. Neither of us had been relationship material, but over the course of three days, all of that changed. Could sex really be a basis for something more? Although I asked myself that stupid question, I knew there was more between us than sex. I felt for him, and it wasn't superficial and it wasn't infatuation. After seeing him so vulnerable and so trusting, I just knew Kai was that one person out there who could make a difference for me. That one person who could change my mind and the fact that I was already half sold only proved my point.
By that point, I truly believed that if the sex craze between us waned, we would still be two guys enjoying each other, two guys who could work.
But even as I went over that in my head, while I was salivating over Kai's now five fingers deep in his ass, I noticed a sound that wasn't supposed to be there. Only I noticed it too late.
I heard the keys drop right before she screamed. I looked up as she started to babble, "Cleaning… Dear God in Heaven… abomination…" But I really reacted only when I felt Kai stiffen beneath me. Even then, I didn't jump away, or panic. I grabbed Kai's hand, holding it place so that he wouldn't hurt himself while I pulled the sheet over him to protect him from the prying eyes of that hysterical woman.
Kai started to talk but he couldn't string a sentence while in such a panicked state. I knew he was hurting with his muscles so tense.
"Get out!" I screamed at her, annoyed but mostly sickened by  her lack of consideration. I needed to take care of Kai, and she certainly wasn't helping.
But she just stood there with her mouth hanging open, pale as a sheet.
"I told you to get out! I don't care who you are or what you're doing here. This is private and I want you as far away from us as you can get. Yesterday!" I yelled. Though I didn't think it possible, she paled even more, but she did as she was told.
Kai had his right hand over his eyes and I could tell he was anywhere but in a good place in his head. Removing the sheet, I still held onto his left hand and scooted up closer to his face.
"Look at me, Kai.", I said softly, as I moved his arm away from his eyes.
He stared at the ceiling and with frustration started, "I don't…"
I cut that short with a kiss. He tried to speak despite it, but I held firmly to his left hand and kissed him relentlessly until he finally yielded.
"Forget about that. See only me. I'm here, Kai."
"But…" He tried again and again I interrupted by pressing a finger against his lips.
"That problem will be around for plenty of time. Focus on now. See only me." I told him again, pressing another kiss against the corner of his lips.
Kai stilled, his eyes finally looking and seeing me. He was scared. My words could only do so much magic. Kai was still very vulnerable and very exposed.
"Now breathe with me. Watch me and match me. I'm gonna let go of your hand but I want you to keep it there. Just relax and follow my breathing."
I relaxed my grip and trailed my fingers over his hand, upward toward his balls. I played gently, almost tickling as I lowered my lips to his nipple. It was all a distraction where I touched his cock with all the attention he needed, where I made him relax his body and where I finally told him to pull his hand out of himself.
As Kai lowered his leg, I got on top of him and kissed him. I mashed our lips together and I held his head still, exploring, taking and giving. I needed him to know he was okay, and I needed him to know I was still there.
Eventually I lifted my head up and looked at him. "I'm going to get up and see if she's still inside. We'll work from there. Get dressed but stay in the room."
I only took enough time to don some pants and I walked out of the room, only to find the place empty. While it probably was a crappy thing to do from her side - because who runs from problems and expects them to get resolved - I was also grateful.
Kai sat on the edge of the bed when I returned, his knee bouncing in a blur. "Is she gone?"
Honestly, I expected him to bite his nails considering how nervous he was. "Yes. Who was she?"
"My sister. She comes on Sundays to clean because I'm never here on the weekends. I forgot about it. I haven't had sex on any day except Friday for years. I didn't think!" He yelled and hit the side of his head with his palm.
"Stop. It's not your fault."
"Of course it is! She wasn't supposed to know. I would never have told her, not even when I got wrinkled and gray. She's messed up, Cole. Doctors, cults, religion. She's all over the place, but she's my sister. The only immediate family I have left. I can't have her hating me." He did bring his thumb to his lips then, but suddenly stopped and looked at me terrified. "She's gonna tell my aunts and my cousins! They will all tell me to get lost."
It was too painful to watch, so I crossed the distance between us and sat on the bed behind him, hugging him as close as I could. "She will do as she pleases. You can't change that now. What you can do is handle the outcome. But you won't do it alone."
"I can't ask that of you. We're just fuck buddies." Kai said, only to start apologizing, "I'm sor…"
"I know, it's okay. You'll get used to the idea. The fact is, we're new and mostly have no idea what we're doing. But I can tell you this. I am your boyfriend now and I will be there for you. Every step of the way, through every tear, every fall out, every fight and I'll enjoy all the make-up sex. When others turn their back on you - and there will be those who won't even hesitate - I will still be here. To hold you, comfort you and to tell them to go fuck themselves. This is not a convenience for me, or a way get sex more than just once a week. I already told you, I want something permanent."
Kai turned in my arms and looked into my eyes. "You can't do that. You don't know me!"
"I know enough."
"No, you don't. We're strangers really and we could break up in a week."
While Kai did have a point, I wasn't giving up. "That could happen, sure. But even if we don't acknowledge it, we've cared for each other for ages. We've known each other for close to three years, and people get attached. We could end up being just friends in a month, sure, but even then I will ask you how are you and I will always be that one person you can call and ask for help."
"I don't know what to say." Kai whispered as he laid his head on my shoulder.
"Tell me you care and tell me you'll let me help. Nothing more.", I told him, running my fingers through his hair.
"I care, Cole. I like you. I want this to work." He paused as he took hold of my palm. "Will you hold my hand when they curse me to fires of hell?"
The question was soft, insecure. It wasn't something the adrenaline junkie Kai would have asked, but it was something the scared Kai would.
"I will carry you if I have to." I told him as I kissed his forehead.
He hugged me closer, snuggling against my chest. "I will kneel for you." He whispered, and although the words weren't the same, although neither of us professed undying love, we gave as much as we had, we gave us a future. A future together.

The End

© Valentina Heart, 2011